(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that the state of California is considering a regulation to allow self-driving cars without a human driver. In the past, California has required companies who are testing such technology to have a human sit in the driver’s seat. This was to ensure that someone could take control of the vehicle if the self-driving technology failed.  If manufacturers of the self-driving cars want to eliminate steering wheels and

pedals, then they will need federal government approval. This is a fast-developing industry, and California wants to be at the cutting edge of development. The goal of this technology is to reduce or eliminate the 30,000 car accident-related deaths per year in the United States due to human error. Some see the positive potential, while others have concern.  Important questions remain, such as – How will a driver-less car respond and/or interact with law enforcement? Some are hopeful while others are skeptical.