The persistent “War Rhetoric” continues from North Korea as the latest threat comes as the communists Nation has vowed to launch a nuclear strike on the United States if a “single bullet is fired” from the US. Sources indicate that Kim Jong-un has issued the stunning warning as Washington and South Korea continue to carry out war games in the region. Of course, Pyongyang continues to put the blame on the rest of the world for the rising nuclear tensions as the DPRK continues its quest for nuclear missiles capable of striking the US mainland.

These latest developments follow a recent report indicating that the White House admitted war is now “on the table” with North Korea. Meanwhile, US warships, troops and warplanes continue to carry out military exercises alongside their allies in Seoul and a Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson recently arrived in the peninsula with its strike group of destroyers. Sources have indicated that Miltary Drills are being carried out to test plans to “decapitate” the leadership in Pyongyang should nuclear tensions rise too high. Are we on the cusp of entering another Korean War?