Another day, Another person offended. This next story comes out of Florida where a woman is being told to take down her Blue Lives Matter flag on her own property! This flag has reportedly been standing for several years now by her homeowner’s association.  According to a testimony from Jeff Gaddie who recently told a local affiliate out of Jacksonville that his daughter in St. Johns County has been flying the flag to honor him and many other family members who served in law enforcement.

When the woman questioned why she is being told to remove her flag the response was “They told her they had received a complaint that it was considered racist, offensive and anti-Black Lives Matter,” he said. So is this going to be the new normal in America now? We can just demand people do whatever we want them to do on their own property as long awe deem what they’re doing as “offensive”? When does this madness end?

Excerpt From Fox News:
The association asked the woman, who did not want to be identified for fear of backlash, to submit a request for permission to fly the flag, which has since been denied. Action News Jacksonville reached out to the First Coast Association Management, which said only American and military-themed flags are allowed to fly in the neighborhood, even though there are other types of flags flying.