And now for today’s most bizarre headline, you will probably read.  According to reports a transgender Father and Daughter from Detroit are revealing their journeys as they are attempting to transition from mom and son.  It all began when Corey Maison, 15, who first informed her parents she identified as a girl four years ago, discovered that her mother also struggled with her gender identity as well and the two now rely on one another as they begin this transition together.  Corey has documented the transitions on her Instagram account, and the two sat down for an interview with Australia’s “60 Minutes” to talk about the experience.

“I wanted to make my parents proud of who I am, but I thought that they would not like me,” Corey said about coming out as transgender. And then there is the Mother, Eric Maison, who used to go by Erica, said that she/he was emboldened by his daughter’s decision. He as well wrestled with different emotions while deciding whether to transition or not. “The first feeling was relief, the second was terror,” he said. “Fear for what my future would hold, fear for how my family and children would, fear for what the rest of my life was going to look like.” Eric Maison has progressed well in this “transformation” has even undergone a double mastectomy.