Here is a story that will raise some eyebrows for the techy people who like places like Electronic┬áStores other Retail Stores that are similar. According to a new report, Best Buy with Geek Squad teamed up with the FBI and performed training of company technicians on law-enforcement operational tactics, sharing lists of targeted citizens and covertly increased surveillance the public. And according to the report even included encouraged searches of computers even when unrelated to a customer’s request for repairs. Of course things were made to look like an accident when Geek Squad employees would “accidentally” find and report potential child pornography on customers’ computers without any prodding by the government.

Excerpt From OC Weekly:
One agency communication about Geek Squad supervisor Justin Meade noted, “Agent assignments have been reviewed and are appropriate for operation of this source,” that the paid informant “continues to provide valuable information on [child pornography] matters” and has “value due to his unique or potential access to FBI priority targets or intelligence responsive to FBI national and/or local collection.”