While many families are raising concerns over the controversial new remake of the new “Beauty and the Beast” and its push towards the acceptance of homosexuality, More actors from the film are weighing in on the “gay character” controversy and even reportedly mocking Christians and other people who are concerned about taking their kids to see the film.  These critical remarks came as the film premiered in New York City on Monday. One actor, in particular, Ian McKellen who plays Cogsworth, the castle steward who was transformed into a clock. Has recently stated that the new version of “Beauty and the Beast” has turned him into a Disney fan, now that they’ve chosen to include a gay character. He went on to say “I’m glad Disney has grown up,”

“I love the fact that there’s a little gay moment in this movie, you know, here we are in the 21st Century. There’s a lot of gay people around, why shouldn’t they be in the film. Just briefly, it’s lovely – lovely, lovely color,” McKellen said. McKellen was making reference to those who have raised concern or spoken out like the recent Alabama theater that refuses to show it – as “stupid” and “prejudiced.” McKellen even went on to joke that “Beauty and the Beast” has become “a gay extravaganza.” So is anyone really surprised by the response of these stars and the Main Stream Media regarding the opinions of believers and their concerns? Get ready because this is light weight in comparison to what will happen in the future if you oppose the culture of the day!