For the first time documented,  Nepal’s livestock department has recently an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N8 avian flu virus which has reportedly stuck a commercial farm; This comes as several other countries in Europe reported more detections, including the already hard-hit southwestern section of France.  Meanwhile, Vietnam has recently reported more outbreaks from two other highly pathogenic strains: H5N1 and H5N6. In Nepal, the virus struck layers in two different sheds, one housing 40-week-old birds and the other containing 20-week-old poultry. The report reveals that out Of 6,200 susceptible birds, the virus has wiped out 3,650,

and authorities culled the remaining birds to contain the spread of the disease. Rapid response teams also destroyed eggs, feed, egg trays, and some local hens. Also, surveillance has been stepped up in the surrounding area. The reports coming out France indicate that their agriculture ministry has reported 29 more H5N8 outbreaks at poultry farms, all of them located in the southwestern part of the country. Four European countries have reported more H5N8 outbreaks as well which include the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and the UK. Finally, Vietnam has reported two new H5N1 outbreaks, indicating an elevation in activity there in the past few weeks.