(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Dwight Tosh, a republican representative in the state of Arkansas, recently put forth a Bill to make the Bible the state book. Presently, Arkansas has a state bird, flower, and other symbols, but no state book. The bill recognizes that the Bible is a major foundation of our modern civilization and that many believe it to be a book of truth. The bill has been met with mixed results. Some in the state are congratulating the move as introducing a book that bring healing and order into our lives.

Others are saying that it violates the separation of church and state or questioning the use of a book that could potentially stir up controversy.  The truth of the matter is that our founding fathers considered the Bible to be the moral foundation upon which society was built. They revered the book as sacred and promoting a way of life that is healthy to society. As a side note, a separate bill was recently sent to committees to allow the teaching of creationism and intelligent design alongside evolution.