(Reported By Denis Dumo) Eight local staff with a U.S. aid group in South Sudan were released safely on Tuesday after being detained by armed men, the agency said, calming fears that such workers could become a new target in the famine-hit nation’s civil war. “Samaritan’s Purse is thankful to God for the safe release of our South Sudanese national staff, who had been detained by armed personnel in the Mayendit area of South Sudan.

They were all released Tuesday afternoon,” the statement from the U.S. aid group said. “There was no ransom request,” added the statement from a group which describes itself as an evangelical Christian organization. The South Sudan military said on Monday that the aid workers, who were all from the Mayendit area, about 420 miles (680 km) northeast of the capital of Juba, had been kidnapped by rebels. READ MORE