Has a rare discovery just been discovered that gives us a glimpse of the face of Christ? According to reports, An ancient coin depicting a bearded man with a crown of thorns could be the first and only true portrait of Jesus. The tiny bronze coin, dating from the 1st-century AD, has what an author says is the only lifelike image ever made of Jesus. Until now, the 24mm-wide coin was believed to show the face of King Manu who ruled the Mesopotamian kingdom of Edessa, in what is now southeastern Turkey.

Excerpt From The Sun:
But after nearly three decades of research, a leading biblical historian argues that Manu and Christ were one and the same person. Ralph Ellis says his find is “one of the most important discoveries in modern history”. He has studied the lives of the pair and cross-referenced all recorded and anecdotal evidence. And he concludes that the striking similarities between them cannot be a coincidence.