Officials at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia, removed several posters after the National Organization for Women and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation said they were sexist and overly religious. The foundation, on behalf of 16 clients, first filed its complaint about two posters that featured language from a 1955 Air Force manual that frequently references “faith,” according to The Virginian-Pilot.


The Air Force, however, dismissed the complaint about religion. According to the Air Combat Command, “The display does not endorse, disapprove of, or extend preferential treatment for any faith, belief, or absence of belief.” One of the posters featured the following quote: Men cannot live without faith except for brief moments of anarchy or despair. Faith leads to conviction – and convictions lead to actions. It is only a man of deep convictions, a man of deep faith, who will make the sacrifices needed to save his manhood. CONTINUE