(Reported By Todd Starnes) Apparently, someone forgot to tell this 5-year old Caitlin Miller and several of her classmates that this North Carolina School was a gun free zone and that includes “Stick Guns”! That’s because according to reports, these kids were playing make-believe last week on the playground at McLauchlin Elementary School in North Carolina. One of her friends was pretending to be a queen and another was pretending to be a princess.

Caitlin was their protector. And in order to protect the Royals, she armed herself with a stick that resembled a gun. Within a matter of minutes, the 5-year-old was snatched up by a teacher and sent to the principal’s office – accused of a heinous offense. She was promptly suspended for one day for “turning a stick into a gun and threatening to shoot and kill other students.” Brandy Miller, Caitlin’s mother, tells me she was floored by the punishment. FULL STORY