Prophetic winds are blowing once again and now we are seeing Russia continue to expand its influence in the Middle East and is bringing together more and more countries into its fold. Intervention in Syria has been the catalyst to re-establishing its power in the region not seen since the cold war days. Iran has been a long time partner with Russia but now we see new developments in both Libya and Turkey to also bring about a stronger alliance. Iran saw a massive cash

influx after sanctions were removed last year, thanks to the Obama administration, and as a result a substantial portion of this money will be put toward military modernization including an estimated $1 Billion air defense missile system supplied by Russia. Part of this deal also includes the Russian S-300 air defense missile system, considered one of the most effective anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic missile systems in existence. A clear response to Israel’s threat the Iran will never be allowed to become a nuclear power. FULL REPORT