A New York toy maker is set to debut what it says is the first transgender doll available on the market.
Tonner Doll Company says it will debut a doll based on 16-year-old transgender teen Jazz Jennings from the TLC reality series I Am Jazz at the New York Toy Fair, CBS Los Angeles reported. The company has made dolls based on a variety of characters from books and television shows, including Spiderman, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Wonder Woman.

The toy will have a genderless plastic mold typical of most dolls, is being tested for children eight years and older, and is expected to sell for $89.99, ABC News reported. “Jazz stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view – she’s incredibly brave, intelligent, warm-hearted and creative,” said company founder Robert Tonner, who called the doll “groundbreaking.” READ MORE