(By Kelly Mcdonald Jr) India is a nation located in lower Asia. Its population is about 1.2 billion people. They have a large military, and the country is a vital world ally for those seeking to gain an advantage. Their economy and production ability commands the attention of all nations. A nation this large is going to have a huge impact on world events in the last days. And India is mentioned in the Bible. How we find India in Bible prophecy is interesting. It is only mentioned by name twice in the Bible

(Esther 1:1, 8:9) Interestingly enough, it is mentioned in the same sentence with Ethiopia. This is not by coincidence. The Hebrew word “Kush” or “Cush” is typically thought of as referring to Ethiopia. Another related country, Libya, is usually thought of as being the Hebrew word “Put” or “Phut.” When used together, these two Hebrew words can refer to India. The historian Herodotus notes that there were two types of Cushites: curly-haired and straight-haired. He notes that some of the straight-haired Cushites migrated into the area of India (Herodotus 3:94, 7:70). Their hair was the only difference in appearance between them. CONTINUE