(By Becky Dvorak) We should be alarmed at what we see taking place within the body of Christ these days. Such evil is infiltrating our fellowships. The congregants are so full of themselves and the world, and many pastors are so complacent that they walk around with spiritual blinders on, bending to every whim of society. These social whims are leading people to hell. But we who refuse to bow to Satan and his evil are part of a mighty remnant surfacing for a short while to do the Lord’s business

and then meet Him in the air. Our time is so short on this earth. And there are so many people who need to hear the truth about our Messiah. And they not only need to hear but see us living out the kingdom now, with the authority of Christ, the power of the Spirit and the Word in action. I remember sitting on a plane, and the young woman next to me started to pepper me with questions about my faith when she learned I was an author about faith for the miraculous and ministered around the world. READ MORE