(By Kyle Winkler) You’ve heard of a high school or college dropout, but you’ve likely never heard of a preschool drop out. But that was me. It’s true. In the first few days of my first year of preschool, I cried incessantly until I convinced my mom to allow me to sit it out. And it wasn’t because I couldn’t color. No, I walked out on preschool because I was tremendously shy and afraid to be around people that I didn’t know.

My timidity didn’t get any better by kindergarten. In fact, I was so quiet that teachers confused this with a reading problem. When they called on me to read aloud, I’d freeze up and wouldn’t speak. With this, they put me in a special class to give my reading extra attention. The truth they later discovered is that I could read just fine; I was simply too afraid to talk in front of my new classmates. READ MORE