(By Chuck Pierce) This is probably the key month of intercession for the year ahead! The old will fight to stay in place. In a year of “finishing” and completing what has never fully manifested in other seasons of your life, we must persist against resisting forces and determine to break through. This is also a month to pray for those in authority.

Thank you for praying for me this past month. My schedule was very demanding, but the Lord has showed Himself strong at every turn. While I was ministering in Las Vegas, I noticed the lanterns and the roosters. I then realized that in the Chinese culture, this is the year of the rooster. I said to Lord, “Is there anything I need to see in this?” He immediately spoke to me and said, “This is the time for the ‘Cock Crowing Watch!’ There are certain demonic forces that can only be displaced by doing this watch.” CONTINUE