Five persecuted Christians in China have reportedly been sentenced to between three to seven years in prison for purchasing and selling what authorities called “forbidden Christian devotional books.” China Aid, which reports on the various human rights abuses and injustices committed against the growing Christian minority, said that the four women and one man were sentenced last week by a court in the northeastern Liaoning province. “Of them, pastor Li Dongzhe and

Piao Shunnan received seven years, Zhao Chunxia and Li Yuan were given five years, and Shi Jinyan was sentenced to three years,” the report stated. “Most of them belong to a Korean ethnic minority group that resides within China, and all of them attend registered churches. They were arrested last June.” The Communist government in China has been cracking down on Christian churches, pastors of underground congregations, and various Christian minorities that it deems pose a threat to its rule. FULL STORY