(By Ron Allen) The New Age people have falsely tried to promote the idea that we are entering a new age of peace and brotherhood—the Age of Aquarius. The real Age of Aquarius is represented in the zodiac constellation of Aquarius (the water pourer), which slips behind the sun on Feb. 18. Aquarius is the sixth chapter of the star Bible, a picture of a man pouring out an urn of water. Aquarius comes after the constellation Capricorn (the goat) which pictures the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ. After his resurrection,

Christ told his followers to wait for him in Jerusalem to receive the Holy Spirit. Aquarius shows the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, often represented by water, that began on Pentecost in Jerusalem. This is the real Age of Aquarius. The three constellations associated with Aquarius are Cygnus (the swan), Pisces Austranis (the southern fish) and Pegasus (the winged horse). Cygnus contains the northern cross, including the black hole where the star of Bethlehem was located (See our book The Stars of His Coming), but it also represents Christ’s promise to return in star names such as Azel (who goes and returns quickly) and Sadr (who returns in a circle). READ MORE