The American flag has been under attack in recent days. There have been at least three incidences when old glory was either burned or taken down. Vandals burned a 92-year-old veteran’s flag to ashes outside his home in Nevada this week. William Barclay, a World War II veteran, walked out his front door Wednesday to find that several of his U.S. flags were either completely shredded or burned to ashes.

“I picked up the flag like this and said what the heck? What happened to my flag?” Barclay told KTNV News.  The U.S. Navy paid him a visit and replaced his flags, but he was still disturbed by the incident. Meanwhile, 74-year-old army veteran Robert Rosebrock faces jail time for flying the American flag. Rosebrock placed a pair of six inch flags on the fence of the Los Angeles Veteran Administration facility. The facility, which provides care to homeless and needy veterans, gave Rosebrock permission to hang the flags in honor of his fellow veterans. READ MORE