A highly-trafficked portion of Laurel Canyon Boulevard remains closed Sunday as crews continue work to repair the 20-foot sinkhole in Studio City that swallowed two vehicles Friday. Firefighters rescued one woman trapped in her car in the sinkhole. City teams, along with emergency contractors, were working to shore up the sinkhole. Crews say their goal is to

get at least one lane in each direction of Laurel Canyon open by Monday morning.`The sinkhole was probably caused by a combination of excessive rain and a possible sewer failure,” city public works officials said. “There were no sewer overflows and all the wastewater was contained in the sewer pipe.” Firefighters were sent at 8:16 p.m. Friday to the sinkhole at 4245 N. Laurel Canyon Blvd., two blocks south of Moorpark Street, Scott said. READ MORE