(By Bert Farias) In the early part of 2002, I began praying in other tongues at length. I have always made a private practice of praying in tongues quite regularly, but during this period of time I indulged in it on a daily basis. After praying for about two and a half months this way, I then added some extended fasting for several more weeks. Before this extended time of prayer and seeking God, I had become quite frustrated with my life and ministry and a lack of certain results. At this juncture in my life,


I was teaching students and training young ministers on an international platform in a stateside school of revival. I was doing everything I’ve always dreamed of doing. I was teaching and preaching, traveling both nationally and internationally, mentoring young students, and even found time to do some writing. My family and I were as comfortable as we’d ever been. Our finances were better than they ever were. We were in good health. We enjoyed great friendships. I had every reason to be happy and satisfied, but somehow, I was not. FULL REPORT