An Egyptian cleric has earned the ire of the country’s Christian community by claiming that the Prophet Mohammed would marry Mary, the mother of Jesus, in heaven. Dr. Salem Abdel Galil, a scholar at the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, made the inflammatory remarks on his TV show, “Muslims are asking.” “There were only four perfect women,” he told viewers. “Maryam [Mary], with whom it began; and Asiya, the wife of the pharaoh; and Khadija bint Khuwaylid [the first wife of the Prophet]; and Fatima the daughter of the Prophet. Peace and prayers to her and our prophet.”


“The Prophet himself pointed to the high position of Maryam. And can I belittle her position, saying it only refers to a specific time and place? No! She was chosen among the wives of both worlds. Four women were chosen with Maryam. And Maryam is the first among them! And she will be the wife of our favorite Mohammed in heaven, and she will be the first to enter heaven together with the greatest prophets. And not just with the prophets, but with the greatest prophets!” READ MORE