A Christian pastor who will be among the faith leaders at Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump as the next president is being flooded with messages of “very strong” hate, but says he’s unfazed by the vicious comments. “Some are very, very strong in their emotions about me doing this,” Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, who leads Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit, told TMZ. “I’ve been called a sell-out.” “Any time you’re in the forefront, you’re gonna be a target. But you gotta make sure that your convictions of why you’re doing it are pure,” he added.

Jackson, who will be doing the benediction during the inaugural, explained his purpose for being there: “My job is a job to represent, first of all, the Bible, the followings and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s not about Democrats; it’s not about Republicans. It’s about making sure that I do what Jesus says. And that is that we’re supposed to love everyone. READ MORE