(By Ryan Johnson) In the fall of 2016, I released a word to Pastor Jason Tanksley (Impact Hub, Bristol, VA) and the next phase of how God was going to work within this ministry with A MANDATE OF ACCELERATION. When I released that word I was very confident in the reality of what God was going to be doing through this ministry and the leaders there. What I did not anticipate was God not being through with my understanding of that word. Walking away from the service that day I felt a weight lifted from me as I knew that I had been obedient, but a new burden would soon be replaced as the further we went into the ending of 2016 I began to hear more and more about Acceleration.

The wild thing through all of this is that I just heard the LORD tell me to release this word, NOW. This has been stirring in my spirit for months and now we are only a few days away from entering 2017. The LORD says NOW…in the middle of a conversation I had with someone. They would say something that caused my response to be a statement that I have said many times before. At that moment, I heard the LORD say…”That’s it! That’s what I have been wanting you to see how this is going to unfold into Acceleration.” CONTINUE