The second season of National Geographic’s “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,” is now underway and Academy Award-winning actor Freeman says his quest began because of his lack of knowledge that other religions acknowledged Jesus Christ.   The series premiere of “The Story of God” premiered on Jan. 16 and kicked off with an episode titled, “The Chosen One” in which Freeman explores chosen people from different religions.

During an interview with The Christian Post, “Story of God” executive producers Freeman, Lori McCreary and James Younger explained how their pursuit of truth in relation to the “Story of God” commenced. “We were in Istanbul some years ago at the Hagia Sophia, a museum there that used to be a church and then a mosque. On the wall there, some of them had pictures of Christ, his resurrection and stuff like that,” Freeman explained. “Lori asked the [tour guide] that when it was a mosque if they covered those paintings up, of Jesus? READ MORE