(By Jennifer Leclaire) During our morning prayer calls for my devotionals—Mornings With the Holy Spirit and now the brand-new Evenings With the Holy Spirit—the Lord often speaks prophetically to the hundreds of people on the call. The following prophetic word helped a lot of people, and I wanted to share it with you. God has need of your voice, but you’re waiting in the wings,

you’re standing in the shadows, you’re sleeping in the cave. And God would say to you, Come out of the cave, in Jesus’ name. Come out of that cave Obadiah put you in, surviving on bread and water and hiding from Jezebel. Come out of the cave (says the Lord) and be strong and courageous. Just as I told Joshua to be strong and courageous as he began to enter into a new season of his life, I would say to you today, be strong and courageous. FULL REPORT