Beauty influencer Manny Mua – aka Manny Gutierrez — hinted earlier this year that he had two major collaborations in the works, according to Teen Vogue. And now he’s finally able to announce one of them: The beloved social media star has teamed up with a female counterpart, the über-popular Shayla, to star in makeup giant Maybelline’s new ad campaign for Colossal Big Shot mascara. This marks the second major campaign by a leading beauty brand to choose a man as its

spokesperson. The first, of course, was CoverGirl, which crowned 17-year-old YouTube makeup sensation James Charles Dickerson its first-ever cover boy in October. And the chiseled Mua not only brings his prowess for makeup application, his perfect face, and his bubbly personality to the table — he also has 3 million followers on Instagram, more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and a loyal Snapchat following. READ MORE