A U.S. Army veteran in Fort Wayne, Indiana, hung a life-sized effigy of President Donald Trump from a noose in the man’s front-yard tree, and cops say they can do nothing about the display that’s raising concern among his neighbors. The Trump doll is holding the flag of the former Soviet Union. The home also displays several banners, including one that reads, “Trump is a disgrace to America & makes me ashamed I ever served,” according to a report by Fort Wayne’s WANE-TV 15.

WND contacted the Secret Service to inquire about whether the agency had opened an investigation into the incident. “We wouldn’t actually comment on whether or not we’re investigating. That would involve some protective intelligence matters,” a spokesman told WND. As for Secret Service investigations of effigies of U.S. presidents, the spokesman explained, “It depends on how it’s reported, who reports it. Sometimes local law enforcement shows up and gives us a call. READ MORE