(Reported By Bob Eschliman) Lana Vawser recently shared with The Elijah List a new word from the Lord she received while visiting in Washington, D.C. Here’s what she wrote: Parts of this word were released to me while in Washington, D.C. over the past few days. Since sitting with the Lord on these keys, the rest of the revelation has flowed. So I felt to release it today.

This is a very significant, strategic season in the USA right now. What you are about to see God do will leave you in awe and wonder of His goodness and power! I kept hearing the words, “The roses are on fire.” Instantly, the sense surrounded me to encourage the people of god to keep their eyes about and on Jesus. Yes, this is a season of exceptional breakthrough for the USA, and many have been thinking, “It’s going to all be roses now that Trump is almost in office.” It is going to be an incredible breakthrough and significant momentum being released, but in the midst of this glorious breakthrough, I saw fire in the nation being turned up seven times hotter. CONTINUE