A 14-foot-tall exo-bionic racing robot could soon be tearing across the Nevada desert. Exhibitors revealed the massive Prosthesis bot at CES 2017 in Las Vegas today, and they say it can hit a top speed of roughly 50 miles per hour – and despite its imposing size, it’s nearly silent when it moves. The 7,700lb ‘anti-robot’ is controlled by a human pilot who stands at the center of the mechanical exoskeleton, using arm movements to drive it forward at terrifying speeds.

Furrion’s human-controlled Prosthesis robot relies on electro-hydraulics with direct haptic feedback to generate motion.
And, it’s designed to go head to head with other robots in giant ‘mech’ races. The human pilot uses arm movements to drive the robot’s legs, slipping their own limbs into the robotic exoskeleton at the center of the machine. READ MORE