(By Patrick Mabilog) The baptism of the Holy Spirit can be a weird idea especially if you’re new to the faith, but it is nonetheless an important aspect of Christian living. It is by and through the in-filling of the Holy Spirit that we can live godly lives and carry out the great commission laid out for us. Baptism means to be completely immersed, so in a sense the baptism of the Holy Spirit

involves being completely immersed in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God made tangible and real to us. He is also a person whom we can grow in a relationship with and know more and more. Consequently, to be baptised in the Holy Spirit means to be immersed into a growing and thriving relationship with God. Why does the baptism of the Holy Spirit matter? To know its significance, we are to look at the first time it was promised to come. CONTINUE