(Reported By Jennifer Leclaire) I’m troubled. With seemingly no regard for a grieving family, opportunists and speculators are flooding social media with opinions about why Kim Clement passed away. And many are doing it in the name of prophecy. Where’s the respect? Some are claiming Kim waged illegal spiritual warfare, which opened the door to his death. The irony here is that some of these same voices oppose anyone who believes spiritual warfare is real, yet they are essentially declaring a principality murdered him. In other words, these voices are contradicting themselves in the name of Jesus.

Kim’s death was a tremendous loss to the body of Christ. Hi prophetic ministry, often accompanied by music, impacted nations. He faced plenty of persecution in his day and endured it all. Some considered him a type of Elijah in the prophetic community. He was controversial and plenty accurate. He prophesied Donald Trump’s rise long before others re-prophesied his utterance. READ MORE