The “Big One” is coming. In astronomical circles there is no greater, more spectacularly stellar event than a total solar eclipse. And at long last, we will have one in the United States in 2017. It anchors a host of other special sights in the sky this coming year that include the planets Venus and Jupiter as well as two potentially solid meteor showers. The new year begins with a cool conjunction of the waxing crescent moon and the dazzling planet Venus on Jan. 1. Just after sunset, you

can’t miss the exquisite pairing in the southwestern sky. On Jan. 2, they’ll be back for an encore – except this time the moon will have shifted between Venus and Mars. You’ll be able to watch the planets of love and war sticking close together all through January. Also note Jan. 31 when the moon comes back around to snuggle up to Venus and Mars once more. READ MORE