A six-year-old Orlando, Florida, boy amazed his parents when he told them he not only wanted a superhero birthday party, but he also wanted the Gospel preached at his party so his friends would accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jacoby Enge and his parents, Rob and Megan, spoke with CBN News about Jacoby’s wish. CBN News spoke with six-year-

old Jacoby Enge, and his parents, Rob and Megan, about Jacoby’s desire to have the Gospel preached at his birthday party. Watch the interview above. Megan said her son first mentioned the idea on the way home from daycare. She said Jacoby wanted to invite Peter Vandenberg, vice president of Christ For All Nations, to his party. That’s the ministry founded by evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and where Jacoby’s Dad works. READ MORE