People in the Republic of Khakassia in southwest Siberia witnessed a large fireball exploding in the sky on Tuesday, which briefly made the evening as bright as the day. Some even managed to catch the event on camera. “At first, I couldn’t understand what’s going on. There was a sudden luminescence. It wasn’t as light as day, but still quite bright,” witness Olga Sagalakova told RT. “We looked at the mountain near us… and there was huge meteor flying above it. It had a tail.

Frankly, I was scared. I thought that it was a bomb,” she said. Reports of the rare occurrence came from across Khakassia, as well as from the neighboring Krasnoyarsk Region, local news website reports. The event was best seen over the town of Sayanogorsk. A Khakassia resident, Nikolay Soldatov, said that the meteor “emitted a cold light like a fluorescent lamp.” READ MORE