We all love Christmas, but there’s someone who doesn’t. No, it’s not The Grinch but the devil himself. Our enemy will not let any event slide, not even Christmas. As much as God doesn’t take a break from looking after us, the enemy also doesn’t take a break from trying to destroy us. So this Christmas, he will put his plans into action knowing very well where to hit our vulnerable spots. The best way to defend ourselves is to know the different ways the enemy will try to ruin our Christmas and push our hearts away from God. Here’s what to watch out for:


1. Jealousy – What better way to put spite in our hearts than to make us feel jealous. You may feel jealous of someone receiving a better gift than you or perhaps, a family member showing more affection to another person. Mind you it doesn’t have to be that deep of a reason too. Even simply comparing your home décor to your neighbor’s Christmas home décor and feeling jealous because theirs look better is already jealousy. READ MORE