(By Kaitlyn Baker) Last Thursday night I woke up with this phrase in my Spirit. Experiencing The Fire. Settling For Smoke. A quote that’s famous in the church world is, “Once you’ve encountered the fire, you can’t settle for the smoke.” Well, I beg to differ. Over the past few years I have watched ministries, who once pursued presence, who saw miracles, who allowed Holy Spirit to do what He wanted to do, they have now settled for the smoke. {Whenever I refer to “the fire” I’m referring to the phrase the

prophet Jeremiah spoke of, “His words burn in my heart like a fire. It’s like fire shut up in my bones. I grow weary of trying to hold it in and I can not do it.” Jeremiah 20:9 And smoke being the less than. Smoke being what’s left after the fire has went out. } Once you’ve truly encountered God, you can’t deny Him. Holy Spirit becomes tangible in your life. You begin to pray, fast, read the word. You become consumed by Him and through Him. You fall in love with the King. When you fall in love you are obsessed, He becomes all you can think about. CONTINUE