Here we go again with another slew of False Prophets coming out and declaring the end of the world. Forget the election recount, end-of-year tax planning, Christmas shopping … in fact, you can forget pretty much everything. We’re all going die this month or sometime in 2017, depending on what your favorite doomsayer is predicting. Yes, despite surviving Y2K, global warming and eight years of Barack Obama, we’re not out of the woods yet — the universe has one last dirty trick up its cosmic sleeve.

Planet X aka Niburu! And it’s about to clean Earth’s orbital clock. Don’t believe it? Just Google “Nibiru December 2016” – 175,000 Google results can’t be wrong. The giant, rogue planet barreling through the far reaches of the solar system on its erratic orbit – if reports can be believed – will emerge from somewhere between Mars and Neptune after a 100,000-year journey to make either a disastrous flyby or direct collision with Earth. Either way – as it has in all its previous Earth encounters – Nibiru will leave mass extinction in its wake. READ MORE