The Parents Television Council (PTC) announced that a new show in development for ABC is another example of how the Disney-owned network is headed in the wrong direction. According to industry reports, the program that has an expletive in its title is about a struggling church with an edgy new pastor. Melissa Henson, who serves with the Parents Television Council, believes that the timing of this disclosure is a little odd.

“Just a week or two prior, the president of ABC was saying, ‘We’ve overlooked most of America in our programming – so much of our programming is directed at people in New York City and Los Angeles – and we’ve overlooked most of America, and we need to start creating programs that reach the rest of America,’” Henson pointed out. “And a week later, they announce that they’ve got a program in development that’s profanely titled, cinematically probably would be offensive to many, many viewers in Middle America.” READ MORE