(By Ricky Scaparo) Many years ago I read about a man on the Internet who boasted about how he was successful at causing thousands of believers around the world to stop tithing and giving to the work of the Lord. Of course, this was all done in the name of the “Lord’s Work” of course. I grieve to think of what it will be like for this man on the day he stands before God and gives an account of his work for the kingdom. Somehow, I honestly don’t believe the Lord is going to commend anyone who encouraged believers not to invest in the work of God and advancing his Kingdom on the Earth.

As I pondered on this today, I began to evaluate my own Ministry. Who’s kingdom am I building and helping advance? What impact am I making to the next Generation? Am I investing more time, energy and resources into advancing his Kingdom or helping destroy his Kingdom? What about you? Are you known for building up or tearing down? Are you the Servant who invested his talent or buried his talent? Are you raising up Sons and Daughters or are you causing them to stumble? Are you encouraging the Body of Christ or are you Discouraging the Body of Christ?