(By Wanda Algar) If you have felt harassed in your mind by clouded vision, detached thoughts, lack of focus or concentration, feelings of being mentally overwhelmed or an inability to make clear decisions, you may be under the influence of a principality that is fighting for supremacy over this nation—one person at a time. When a principality is over a region or even a nation, everyone under that principality will be subjected to its influence, one way or another. The spirit of divination over

Samaria caused the entire city to be spiritually blind due to the sorcery of Simon (Acts 8:9-11). The spirit of sexual perversion in Sodom and Gomorrah infected Lot and compromised his faith in God (Gen. 19:6-8). The spirit of unbelief in Nazareth prevented even Jesus from performing many miracles there because of the rampant lack of faith (Matt. 13:58). Though many prophetic words have already been given about Leviathan operating in this nation, we are still feeling the effects of its influence—specifically in harassing the mind and causing confusion. FULL REPORT