(By Jennifer LeClaire) I still remember the fear striking my heart every Friday night. Corporate intercession before service was mandatory for leaders in the church, and I dreaded every minute of it. The woman of God who headed prayer was a powerhouse in the Spirit. Anointed, God-glorifying, devil-busting prayers emanated from this woman like glory emanates from Jesus. She had a certain cadence, a rhythm. It was almost as if she were singing her prayers—only she wasn’t. In any case, I know it was music to our heavenly Father’s ears.

One by one, she would hand the mic off to other prophetic intercessors who would pave the way for the Holy Spirit’s wonder-working power in the service and bind the hand of the thief who comes in to steal, kill and destroy. The authority in that room was off the charts! Heaven was coming down and devils were fleeing, in the name of Jesus. I always knew when it was nearly my turn because there was a certain order to the intercession. You grow accustomed to people’s prayer habits when you gather corporately. Some wind down by repeating certain phrases, like “glory to God.” Others do a little hop, skip and jump. Still others start off with rapid fire petitions end with thanksgiving. READ MORE