(By Ricky Scaparo) Many Believers don’t place much concern or emphasize on Worship, but in reality, it is what breaks up the Fallow Ground of our hearts making it capable of receiving the seed of the Word of God that is sown. The seed is then watered through our prayers and intercession resulting in the bearing of fruit in due season. This is why it is essential to have all three of these working together in a corporate and private setting in our lives. 
When we encounter a Church or gathering where there has not been plowing or groundwork laid of worship Many times it will be very difficult to receive the Word of God and get a breakthrough.

On the other hand, there are many places where you will see much worship resulting in fertile ground, but they have little emphasis on the Word of God resulting in cutting themselves short of a harvest. 
Lastly, What profit is it to have good ground and lots of seed but have no water? Regardless of how much worship and the word you receive, there has to be a stewarding of prayer and intercession to see a harvest.

This last point hits home to many as generations past had many prayer meetings and even lingered for hours in prayer before and after services but today it is tough to find real “Houses of Prayer, and as a result, we have replaced it with entertainment instead. But if you ever find a gem that is well fertilized in Worship, filled with the seed of the Word of God and has an open Heaven of Prayer and Intercession you will truly experience an abundant harvest of God’s Glory!