( By Ricky Scaparo) On Sunday morning I saw 5 Hawks in a 30-minute span which in 39 years I have never experienced. This occurred the day after receiving new glasses with sharper vision and after getting this word confirmed from a friend of mine Kevin Seagle who also saw 5 Hawks in a short space as well and posted on his personal FB page how it was unusual,  I knew the Lord was revealing something significant and now I know that this word is for the true Watchmen in this hour.

Hawks are known for having an extremely keen sight, which is eight times sharper than the eyesight of humans. Moreover, they can also see colors unlike most animals which live in a black and white world. Watchmen are known to have an eye to see and hear strategies of the Kingdom of Light and Kingdom of Darkness. They will see and hear things others will not. Things that seem dull and insignificant to many will stand out with clarity to the true Watchmen!

As we are about to enter the new year, Many churches are about to partake of 21 days of corporate prayer and fasting which will be a time of consecration to sharpen focus in order to hear the Father’s voice with clarity. Prayer mingled with fasting will fine tune many to see and hear things they never saw and heard in past seasons. I believe Watchmen are being called to a season of prayer and fasting for 2017.

Watchmen are being positioned to be the eyes and ears on the front lines and they will align themselves with the 5-Fold Ministry to accomplish Father’s purpose in their regions. They will see and hear the assignments of Darkness as they are being planned but will also have an eye and ear to the Kingdom of Heaven to bring blueprints and strategies needed to bring the victory.