In case you haven’t heard by now, there is an independent candidate that has suddenly emerged out of Utah and has decided to step in the ring at the last minute of the presidential race. Keep in mind at this point of the race any vote outside of Trump or Clinton will essentially be a vote for one of the two candidates by default. So, in the end, this guy could actually cause Donald Trump to lose the election. The following excerpt is from the political analyst from the Christian Publication “The Christian Post.”

Evan McMullin is the only conservative in this race. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be bad for the country. A Donald Trump presidency would be bad for the country and additionally do long-term harm to the cause of conservatism. The best choice for president is to back Evan McMullin and work to build a new conservative movement. My previous column explained why voting for a third party or independent candidate is not a waste. Throughout American history, third party and independent movements have demonstrated that they can have tremendous influence on public policy. And, of course, there is the example of 1860, when a third party, the Republican Party, won the presidency, replaced the Whigs as the second major party, and dominated American politics for the next 72 years. FULL REPORT