(By Patrick Mabilog) The gospel teaches us about our depravity: How, if left to our corrupt nature, we would be unable to please God and thus earn the blessings and grace of God. This truth gives birth to a humility within us that causes us to accept our weakness and rely on the strength that is in Christ’s finished work. It is a completely different route, however, to walk in self-doubt. While we are not to trust in our own strength, the gospel does not cause us to doubt ourselves,

feel condemned or become limited. On the contrary, the gospel empowers us to do great things. A fine line exists between self-doubt and humility before Christ. A demarcation definitely exists, and we need the Holy Spirit to help us spot it. The enemy is out to steal, kill and destroy our relationships with God, our access to Him and His blessing (John 10:10). The enemy uses subtle traps to confuse us and get us on the wrong path. Self-doubt is one of them. FULL REPORT