(By John Burton) During this night of terror more than 25 years ago, I fell asleep in the old, empty church building and found myself dreaming. In my dream, I was lying on my stomach in a one-room building. It was very comfortable inside, although the room was empty. I rested on the carpet and looked out of the two windows, one in front of me and one to my right. The overwhelming feeling I had was one of comfort and relaxation. I had no concerns and no thoughts beyond enjoying the atmosphere. This feeling drove my entire experience. Obviously nothing could be wrong if I was feeling so good, right?

Through the windows I could see a peaceful, lazy and bright sunny, day unfolding. It was beautiful! The trees were blowing in a gentle breeze. The birds were chirping and flying from tree to tree. What a brilliant Creator we have. Everything was so refreshing and alive. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. READ MORE