(Reported By Bob Eschliman) Angie Stolba, who runs the Living With Confidence Ministries with her husband, Jeff, desires to see people walk in compete freedom and restoration. She has a genuine passion for God’s Word and intercessory prayer. Recently, the Lord spoke to Stolba, the author of Dealing With the Root of Rejection, about the direction of our country following last week’s general election. It’s a message she shared with other Christ followers at The Elijah List. America is in a massive rebuilding

process, she wrote, noting that old structures and systems were being toppled as God establishes His new foundation. Like a home remodeling project, she wrote about how “things can quickly get messy” at the onset, but it is vital to what the Lord is building. “As it has been said, the Lord has chosen Donald Trump to be His wrecking ball,” she wrote. “God is going to use this next president to bulldoze a system that will no longer be efficient in this season. CONTINUE